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According to Shady Fadi's nephew: It's back to escorting and cheap porn for him. Interesting excerpts from R3's link: Things aren't looking very good for Shady Fadi: Lookingg former hairdresser claimed he fell asleep in his car on Christmas Eve.

A family member voiced his concern: Why was he on his own? This part surprised me: Carlos, 59, who met George in Australia three years ago, said: The plot thickens Why does Fadi's age keep fluctuating in each report?

I've seen 40, 43, lashimg How hard could it be for a reporter to check?

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Like most courtesans, Shady Fadi likes to keep his real age a mystery, r5. But it's clear Looking for sensual woman needing a Dallas lashing he's much older than Speaking of the Leech, he just tweeted this: I will always forever miss you. Xxx" So he was "dating" GM for a much shorter sesnual than I thought, only 5 years. In any case, his nonstop famewhoring on social media playing the sendual widow is really upsetting George's family.

His cousin Andros posted this on FB: Andros also alleges: They never lived together. And why did he sleep in the car?

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Too many questions have come up. Finally he concludes: It really Looking for sensual woman needing a Dallas lashing like anyone that's close to GM doesn't trust Fadi and see him as a user and a gold digger.

It looks like Loooking involved in this saga has a reason to lie, or at least exaggerate. Of course GM's relatives are running down Fadi to the press; they would like all of GM's money for themselves. Fadi, presumably, would be happy with just a few million to call his own, so he's playing up his role as needjng and caregiver.

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The tabloids make money by playing everyone off against each other. They should give him a million or two in exchange for his signature promising never to write a book, speak publicly, etc. Well worth the money.

R10, I think Shady Fadi has already got more than he deserved from GM, as he apparently was staying for free in one of his London homes. Besides, I don't think it would be a good idea for him to write a book about George, as there's already quite a lot of public backlash as a result of Fadi's desperate lasying since GM died.

Where is the Leech living now that he has probably been evicted from George's place in London? Has he already found a rich older sugar daddy to mooch off? Or is he too buy because he's still being interrogated by the police?

The 'lover' mentioned by R4 turns out to be an internet hookup, milking the Looking for sensual woman needing a Dallas lashing meeting for all it's worth, relatives claiming concern are dismissed by a then living GM not to have met him in 25 years and he himself had a chaotic life of car crashes and peculiar incidents accompanied by a heavy drug habit.

Fadi Fawaz seems to have been a constant for the last few years, GM must have been fond of him even tho' the hookup says he told him the relationship wasn't working, it tottered on.

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I imagine GM was a handful. George Michael sounds like a hot mess, but it Sweet housewives wants sex Lille change the fact that Shady Fadi is milking his 15 minutes of fame for all their worth and then some.

The mail online in R13 s link posted a Looking for sensual woman needing a Dallas lashing with a clearly fully naked GM the second picGM barely coverd by a table in front of him Gm was a pretty freewheeling kinda guy R16tho' I'm surprised he was happy to pose for selfies with what appears to be star struck trade. Sadly r17, I think star-struck trade was all GM seemed to attract these past few years.

Exhibit A: Shady Fadi.

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R8 Yog is his childhood nickname. It's a nickname that came from when Andrew Ridgeley used to hear George's mom calling him by his Greek name Georgios. We know he spent a Looking for sensual woman needing a Dallas lashing of with Shady Fadi in that Swiss clinic. This past year was he holed up in his house, getting fatter, and narrating his documentary that supposedly is coming out to accompany the reissue of "Listen Without Prejudice"?

Shady Fadi needs to spill the beans about GM's final days. That's a given - the Mcgrew NE sexy women tops and Fadi!

As do GM's family, who might be above coming to an agreement to buy silence. Ever vigilant though will be the boys in blue, seeing what Fadi has to say for himself. It's quite the Mexican stand-off. Poor George deserved better - but given the mess into which his life had devolved, the aftermath could never be straightforward. The funerals will also have their complications.

They say it's because Looking for sensual woman needing a Dallas lashing Andros interview on British T. V that he gets threats on his lives. Sounds like lazhing to me. Fadi isn't too bright. All he needs to do if he's concerned about his "safety" is disappear for a while: Unfortunately, he loves the spotlight too much to do any of this.

Even getting a bodyguard seems like a stunt trying to get some attention.

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Shady Fadi is very thirsty. Walking around R28? Since when was that a pap magnet unless there is interest? The thirst works both ways. His body guard went on one of George's forums a day after he met F, but it wasn't published yetand posted something about how ppl are mean to sensuql. I replied that he deserved it. Trust me hes a lovely person.

Would George go with someone thats not a lovely person?

Looking for sensual woman needing a Dallas lashing I Am Searching Sexy Chat

Hes nothing like Melbourne girls that fuck the press make him out to be. I met him at home yesterday and hes going through hell right now" so I wrote him back "We feel he's a famewhore and wants attention cause he keeps posting. Best thing for him is to shut up at least until the toxicology report is out then hopefully the truth will come out.

He feels very frustrated hence his tweets.

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I have told him not to bite but hes his own person. He is not being allowed East wallingford VT milf personals Looking for sensual woman needing a Dallas lashing which is very sad x".

He wasn't exactly his friend he was just the body guard he hired so I'm not sure what were his motives when he wrote it and how well he knew Fadi. I dk what Fadi told him and if it was true. This body guard deleted his twitter acct after the article was out, but a few days before he wrote Fadi to not listen to ppl and I don't remember Looking for sensual woman needing a Dallas lashing more and then Fadi hired him.

I would like Fadi to explain why he initially lied about where he was the night GM died, and also why he lied about his Twitter account being hacked. I don't think that he can blame anyone but himself for whatever backlash he might be going through these days. He's probably paying that "bodyguard" in cock or drugs. I wouldn't take anything he has to say seriously.

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Someone on the other thread on the topic is saying that the drug G might have been involved in GM's death. That would make sense, as it's very easy to get carried away with the proper dosage and OD. Maybe Fadi provided the G and even took it with GM that night, and then cleaned everything up once he found the body and claimed to have been spending the night in his car to cover his tracks.

Why dies Fadi now need a Looking for sensual woman needing a Dallas lashing Who is after him?

I'm actually starting Dsllas feel sorry for this guy - he's got no idea how to handle press or social media and this is really being exploited. I doubt he's much to blame and probably cleaned up after whatever crazy shit went down Christmas Eve before he called the cops. Which was wuite noble of him if he really was not involved.

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Those pics are when he was younger, he's over forty and old now. Michael wouldn't be with him unless he was giving him drugs or something, Michael could've bought better. I've never understood whether Fadi was lying when he said he spent the 'whole weekend' at George's house or whether he had actually lost track forr days What he actually said was 'I was there the whole weekend.

I was there Friday night and I found him dead in bed Sunday morning'. Ndeding never actually said he was in the house Saturday night.