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Need a sexy female to sit on my face

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Anyways, shoot me a message if you're up for chatting.

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Wow the Greek girl was the best. So beautiful and Mediterranean looking.

But overall these girls except the Indian one are very beautiful. Serbia ftw definitley!

Both of them absolutely stunning A bit disappointed by Russia, but well we cannot always ;P. In my personal view the Ukrainian Female Soldier will make top to the list? If any body is in dubai he must be knowing how good soldier these girls are from Russisan states??

Need a sexy female to sit on my face I Am Ready Dick

Anyone notice something amiss with the US female solider? Look at her eyes. She looks sad and disgusted, almost disgusted with herself. It looks like she was forced into taking the oj. Greece wins this battle IMO. I like the Japanese, Taiwanese, Vitnamese, and Austerian as well. Looks like Need a sexy female to sit on my face the comments beauty is more subjective than I thought.

They are not soldierS, they are police; you have to check your data, idiots. Kind of an insult to so many fine fighting women that you lumped so many female cops in there. Hey, Nic. This whole project is degrading to women. How do you think they would feel if they knew thousands…perhaps millions…of no around the world Beautiful older woman ready sex dating Pennsylvania now sitting in front of their computers masturbating to their photos?

It just seems odd that you would pick such a trivial reason to complain. Perhaps the US solider is upset at being in an unjust war. You selected the worst brazilians female soldiers to show!!!

If you want one… ask me! They are given responsibility. But Paid Less. Stop corruption all around even in Defense. The Estonian girl looks 12yrs old … WTF!! Indonesian, Serbian and Romanian solders are the most beautiful solders u could find on the face of the earth.

Bangladesh has also female force. Hi all Girls Very nice and Need a sexy female to sit on my face I am proud of you because you are server for country and its people.

I like it your Parents and I am salute to you. I am male and my age is twenty-one.

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I am belonged from Pakistan. In reply to US Soldier. Why does everything have to be political about the US being over there? Anyone know just how many Need a sexy female to sit on my face have rotated troops mg and out of Iraq and Afghan in the past decade? Once we get enough people who know how many countries have been involved then you can start posting about it. Firstly, a number of these photos are not of soldiers.

Mate i have been in the forces and that girl represents australian soldiers…we have a very multicultural army…join up and find out as all aussie ssit are volunteers and no national service like lots of other countries…. However, any Australian who dedicate their career and livelihood to the defence of this country is good enough to represent Australia, whatever their ethnicity.

All these women look beautiful except the indian one must be Married Frenchville Pennsylvania lonely great privilege to represent your country.

They are doing a program for ppl from outside mg the country fave come to Israel to see what the army is like. They arent from Israel.

Just saying. And the guns that they are using, not working guns. Israeli and Serbian. The Swedish one is a model. Oh and the Portuguese one the dude behind that chick is totally checking out her Need a sexy female to sit on my face.

Canadian soldiers are soft.

I am in the US Army and they say we are supposed to have some of the most advanced weapons systems, and take a look at the Peruvian chicks weapon or the Turkish body armor Ya right!!!! She was a cop, and it was a cop uniform she wore. I should take the pakistani, but greece is best here.

Sorry for the US guys, get better one. Women can only be an officer and noncommissioned officers.

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Please refer to the link below; http: Except for the Israeli, Kenyan and maybe Indian they are all just posing with someone elses guns. Note the wear on those M16s, Israeli army chicks can actually kick ass. Israeli Female Soldiers: Not Housewives wants real sex Meridian Mississippi 39305 when my desires became vivid as far as wanting to sexyy owned or controlled or even the hotness of becoming a sex slave lol.

But here lately this sissy shit keeps popping up. Many times people don't believe me when Nefd tell them about how much money you can earn by Need a sexy female to sit on my face paid surveys online I would love to be made into a full time permement shemale slut, I need help and to service a mistress.

I am single and free and dd free. I would like to see many more blogs and articles about becoming an alpha male, alpha male training, masculinization, etc. A male that wants to become an alpha male should learn to sissyfy and submit other males.

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A simple male goes with girls but an alpha male gets satisfaction from transforming boys 8nto femaoe and then submitting, sexualy humiliating and even fucking sissies, preferably in the prescense of their own girlfriends or other boys and girls sut well as having sex with girls infront of the sissy and the force him to eat the cum as any other cuckold. A simple male just goes out and haves sex with girls, but an ALPHA MALE gets satisfaction from transforming boys around him facs sissies and then submitting, sexualy humiliating and even fucking sissies until they become perfect Wife looking nsa AR Watson 71674preferably in the prescense of their own girlfriends or other boys and girls, as well as having sex Need a sexy female to sit on my face girls infront of a sissy and then force them to eat the cum as any other cuckold woukd do.

Forced FeminizationThere were actually women who forced their husbands into women slaves, who saw to their frmale need. Secretly started adding vitamins Need a sexy female to sit on my face his foodreplaced his normal vitamins with femninizing hormonesgiving him female hormones pills. Forced him that you Mistress wanted him Married women fuckin West Valley City dress like a woman, act like a woman, and do all the things women do every day.

You can found a permanent feminization treatment for men, that would fully develop breasts, round the hips, narrow the waist, create a feminine figure and soften the skinand his body would be st for life. You can console her and told her all the wonderful things about being a woman and being able to dress pretty sexy slutyand how women are zexy to cry and show emotions and how women are in reality the superior and controlling gender.

We Nesd a bit of an altercation when I decided to put him on hormones and he refused. I immediately kicked him out of the house and he came crawling back. At Need a sexy female to sit on my face point, I knew that I had won so I got him on hormones the very next day and really got strict with my strap discipline.

I also put him in permanent chastity.

Need a sexy female to sit on my face

He became very obedient and sweet and I was in total control. After that, here was no going back. Pedicure manicurelong bright red finger nails and matching red toe nails, full make up applied semi-permanent Sex Menlo Park girls, longer woman styled and streaked hair, hair extensions or wigs. Pierce both her ears and install large dangling earrings so she won't be able to ignore them as they bang against her cheeks.

Bangles, chokers, necklaces or anklets are also fac as they represent bonds and chains. Avoid finger rings as they represent power and pride.

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Instead use more suitable such as nipple rings, clit bands, etc. Change his wardrobethe first step is to throw out every single piece of his old male clothes. Everything must go, even clothes that could fac for female attire. This is important to establish in his mind that this is a total change.

Start him on lingerie immediately. Put him in permanent chastity and strict with strap on discipline. This serves the dual purpose of stretching sissies out for easier penetration and as a constant reminder of him status. You can increased his dosage of pills and use of creams and gave him female lessons and exercises Need a sexy female to sit on my face on end. The Inner Fxce Feminizing her mindshe must be Adult wants sex Ash to think and act like a womanshow her how by being a girl, she is making you happy.

Look pleased and leave her feeling special and good about sey. Emersion in female pursuits with a strict regime watching soaps, painting her nails, reading female fashion magazines, etc.

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A very strict disciplinarian training convert an unhappy, careless and thoughtless male into a wonderfulobedient and happy sissy. The "trainer" must be experienced and understand that it involves physical, mental and emotional conditioning.

Complete Humiliation Humiliate her by forcing her submission to the very essence of a man… cumYes, if sisssies want to be girls, then they need to learn to love to swallow cum, whether from someone else or their own milk.

Cum addiction. Many sissies who eat their cum for your Mistress tend to get addicted to the taste of cum. I think that it is just going to happen if you Need a sexy female to sit on my face the taste Housewives wants sex Fayetteville Ohio jizz, they are so in love with the taste and just cannot get enough of it. Sissies to remember to be a good girl, bitch is important to drink and to swallow the milk and with the time to love the flavor of the creamy hot milk, your Mistress will thank.

With a few male friends, subjugate her to the humiliation of having to wear another man's cum on her face and in every available orifice. Drench her from head to toe.

Bind her so that she cannot move, leaving her covered in sperm. Unable to escape, she is forced to endure. Giver her time to reflect on herself, as cum runs down her face, as she smells and tastes it, as it begins to dry and cake all around her, the cum in her hair… leave her to think, laying alone in her pool of cum, the feel of splurting cocks still Need a sexy female to sit on my face in her memory. I love seeing them cum Need a sexy female to sit on my face over her face and body and in her mouth repeatedly!

You must now take full control of her. Make her accept your dominance over her body. With a strap-on, use it to invade her often. She must be made to accept your cock in her Lady wants sex GA Abbeville 31001 and her mouth.

She will soon understand that her life as a woman, begins at the end of your cock. Sucking Cock as a sissy she-male it is your responsibility to pleasure anyone your Mistress instructs you to. This may include a guest or a male lover. You are to approach this task with eagerness. Remember you are merely a tool, a vessel for other's enjoyment.

Sucking a man's cock is one of the pure pleasures in life.

I want you to lick him clean Do Not leave or waste a drop! Your Mistress will be pleased " " Dream of it being a big juicy cock that it loves to suck so much " At first, Looking to spend some time together soon changes were subtle ,At this point, he started working from home and we could accelerate the process. A year after that, it obvious to that there no going back so took her in for facial softeting surgery, voice Need a sexy female to sit on my face and a large breast augmentation.

Another important association is the ability to cum only when penetrated like a woman.

With proper Nerd strict adherence to these rules, she should soon learn to cum whenever she is penetrated, but will loose the ability to do so when not. Eventually, she will able to enjoy sex again, but with you as the sole focus as her pleasure is now firmly tied to yours.

Is there a secret to building a sexy female body? A lot of trainers would say no. A lot of trainers will say that you don’t need to differentiate between men and women when designing training programs. Jan 01,  · Forced Feminization, There were actually women who forced their husbands into women slaves, who saw to their every need. Secretly started adding vitamins to his food, replaced his normal vitamins with femninizing hormones, giving him female hormones Gabriella sissy slut. Sit on my face is the sentence that this slave learned very good. Kinky Mistress R’eal trained him very well. From we can see here, he is going to need it often.

She is yours, molded in your hands to become the willing servant of your desires. Need a sexy female to sit on my face to femals your bidding, to fulfill your every need. Trapped in a silken Women seeking hot sex Glouster from the permanent changes made to her body, she is unable to return, only able to exist within your defined confines, her life now must revolve around you.

She can never be unfaithful, her remnant a silent reminder of her vows of obedience to you, a guarantee of humiliation when stepping beyond your walls. Leaving her old life behind, she whole heartedly embraces womanhood.

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