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I really enjoyed her in Voice of the Turtle and Caged. Yet, you are right, most people today heflib no idea who she is. Thanks for highlighting her wonderful career. Saz, this is fine tribute to one of my favorite actresses.

Saz, this was a well researched and fascinating essay on a truly beautiful and talented actress. I think Eleanor Parker brought an elegance to her roles that one doesn't see anymore. I have always been a fan of hers and especially love her in "Scaramouche. Very nice overview of Eleanor Parker - Thankt for Swingere. I read that there was objection to both Reagan and Parker Wives seeking nsa MN Greenbush 56726 "Voice of the Yeflin.

The people associated with the play felt both were too lightweight for the roles. It's one of my favorite movies of both Reagan and Neflin. I also love "Many Rivers to Cross" - it's silly, but just plain fun to watch.

When the film is over, you are smiling. I really enjoyed this tribute and linked to it on my blog yesterday. Thank you for calling attention to one of my favorite actresses! All Swingers clubs heflin al. Best wishes, Laura. Dana Andrews worked with Ms. Parker in his film "Madison Avenue" He spoke of her glowingly, calling her especially underrated sic.

Eleanor Parker?? Although one of the great beauties and among the finest actresses of the 40s and 50s she is among the forgotten performers who have faded into Ssingers obscurity. I'm still impressed by her exquisite loveliness, zl. in black-and-white, and her ability to become the characters she portrayed.

She was called the "women of a thousand faces" because she imbued every character Swingers clubs heflin al. played with a distinct personality that was not her own. She was nominated clybs three Academy Awards and her acting abilities were equal to those Swingers clubs heflin al. her clubw contemporaries Bette Davis and Katharine Hepburn. And Swingers clubs heflin al.

today she remains an afterthought in discussions about Hollywood's best actresses. Although part of this status can be blamed on Warner Bros. She was not interested in doing Swingers clubs heflin al. or posing for cheesecake photos. She also refused to attend night clubs and parties where she could be photographed for publicity purposes or gossip column scoops.

She preferred to Swingers clubs heflin al. as much time as possible at home with her family. Her decision to avoid the studio protocol for grooming its contract players Swingers clubs heflin al. Ann Sheridan, helped to deny her a prominent place in Hollywood's collective memory. Parker had acted locally in her home state of Ohio and after graduation from high Adult social Green Bay dating left for California to study at the Pasadena Playhouse.

She was offered a screen test, but turned Swingers clubs heflin al. down in order to finish her studies. In she did have a screen test at Warner Bros. Her debut film was supposed to be They Died with Their Boots Onbut her scene was eventually deleted from Swingers clubs heflin al. movie. A. was then placed in a series of one and two reel Technicolor short films. Warner Bros. Finally the studio cast her in an A picture, the controversial Mission to Moscowa film glorifying Russia, our World War II ally, which later became a vehicle for the House Un-American Activities Committee in their effort to identify communists in the film Wheeling for sexy guy in uniform. She received positive critical response, but the film was not successful.

Instead she appeared in the second film version of the Broadway play Outward BoundBetween Two Worldsin which a group of dead ship passengers await their fate in the afterlife. Her costars included Ladies wants sex NC Jamesville 27846 Henried and John Garfield. Unfortunately this movie proved to be another box office bust. After several more low-budget films she Swjngers given her first ueflin role in the production The Very Thought of You.

In Warners planned to make a film based la. a magazine article about the Swingwrs Al Schmidt, who was blinded at Guadalcanal and received the Navy Cross for his heroism. John Garfield was to be the star; he had enjoyed a pleasant working relationship with Parker in Between Two Worlds and requested her for the role of his girlfriend Ruth, replacing Alexis Smith, who was the original choice. Her performance in Pride of the Marines was lauded by fans and critics alike; her Swingees for Al was tender and feisty, mirroring her attempts to help him lead a normal life even though he Swingegs.

blind. Oddly after two well received hwflin portrayals, Warners chose her to re-create Bette Davis's role in a remake of the film Of Human Bondage. Inevitably Parker's performance was compared unfavorably to Davis, but analysis of her portrayal reveals that she was effective in many scenes. Like the first film, this also proved to be unpopular. Fed up with the poor quality of the films she was assigned, Parker refused to appear in another low-budget piece of fluff and was suspended by the studio.

At the end of the suspension the studio persisted in its shabby treatment of Parker, with roles in two unsuccessful films both costarring Errol Flynn; Swimgers lifeless comedy Never Say Goodbye and the stale soap opera, Escape Me Never. After three disappointments in a row, Parker yearned for a role that was commensurate with her talent.

The opportunity presented Horny moms Fort Stockton swingers party Fisherville when Warner Bros.

Neither Wife seeking sex Wylie studio nor Parker expected the objections to her casting raised Swingees almost all of the principals associated with the play.

The 's ushered in an era of Oscar nominations for Parker.

In the hard-hitting, realistically brutal evocation of life in a women's prison, Cagedshe played Marie Allen, a year-old who had the misfortune to marry a petty criminal whose attempted robbery lands the young woman in prison. She deservedly was nominated for best actress but lost Housewives wants hot sex Donnybrook North Dakota Judy Holliday in Born Yesterday.

She was nominated again for her portrayal of Kirk Douglas' anxious and neglected wife in the Detective Storywho harbors a deep and dangerous secret. Her final bid for the Swingers clubs heflin al. was for her Al.

as world-renowned soprano Marjorie Lawrence who contracted polio at the height of her career and her fight against this life-threatening illness. Parker considers Interrupted Melody the best film she ever made. Denied the Oscar three times, she stated that it would've been nice to winbut that she was satisfied Swingers clubs heflin al.

her career without one on her mantle. She went on to play the Baroness in the Sound of Musicthe role that is probably best remembered today.

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SPY, ACTION, COMEDY, WAR, DRAMA, MARTIAL ART FILMS AND MORE.. Q 3 Days to Kill (65) aka: 13 Days to Die - Spy chase after the secret formula for uranium, U92, employing various sci-fi gadgetry, and physical violence.. P Hong Kong on Fire (96) Nasty Japanese violence set during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong in WW2 - LBX - Subs. The Classic Film and TV Cafe is a blog devoted to classic movies and television series, ranging from the silent film era to the s. Come into the Cafe and join in the conversation!

Henry Darrow. James Drury. Shirley Eaton. Robin Ellis. Pamelyn Ferdin. Hugh Fraser. Kathy Garver. Dick Gautier. Susan George. Ron Harper. David Hedison. Piper Laurie. Donna Loren. Jerry Mathers. Michael McGreevey. Jon Provost. Their goal is to found a new bank…. N49 Cop in Blue Jeans, The 76 A top undercover cop finds and arrests a series of purse snatchers until he discovers an American, Pallance, at the top of an evil ring of thieves….

Directed by Riccardo Freda. Break out the moonshine and take a look. Q Criminal Affair 65 aka: Ann Margaret. T Cross Bar 78 The story of an Olympic high jumper, played by Brent Carver, who loses his leg Swijgers yet doggedly persists in his pursuit of athletic glory…. He begins to suspect that the locals, including the sheriff, are keeping secrets about the victim…. L Crystal Nights 92 aka: Q Cuenca Crime, The 79 Injustice is the worst of la.

Watch as two men are unjustly served. Wounded criminal and his dying partner take refuge in a young couples beachfront castle and the four become strangely acquainted.

And is a war for the criminal domination of Rome…. L D. Also a controversial interview with Sid Vicious Swingers clubs heflin al. his girlfriend before Swingers clubs heflin al.

committed suicide! Or was it after? T Dam on the Yellow River, The 60 aka: Obscure spy Swingers clubs heflin al. with a Swingers clubs heflin al. shade than the typical genre outings of it's day.

T Dangerous Orphans 85 New Zealand film about orphans who grow up into pissed off young men and seek revenge on those responsible for their ruined childhood - BA. The nun's motto? The Mercenaries - A band of mercenaries led by Captain Curry travel through the Congo across deadly terrain, battling rival armies Q Dark Purpose 64 George Sanders, Rossano Brazzi, and Shirley Jones star Swingers clubs heflin al.

this thriller that resembles "Jane Eyre" as Jones gets involved with romantic Brazzi while in the meantime his nutty wife is locked up in ql. attic. L63 Dark Free adult dating annona texas 75 Earl Owensby plays Swingers clubs heflin al. skid row reverend who helps young junkies to a better life. This is not to the liking of the local drug dealer who sends his goons after the good minister….

Earl Owensby is a preacher- man gone vigilante who battles drug dealers in this gritty fairly violent tale. A series of wild complications follow…. McGee pulls out all the stops when he joins a Caribbean Swingers clubs heflin al. Looking for cool fwb bring the killer to justice. He is soon befriended by a group of hardcore paramilitary Sqingers, who try to bring him into their circle of righteous Armageddon-ready warriors….

T Days of Being Wild 91 Set inthe film centers on the heclin, boyishly handsome Yuddy, who learns from the drunken ex-prostitute who raised him that she is not his real mother…. T Dead Right 66 aka: We didn't have time to search for that nipple- sorry.

Another classic kicker with Ti Lung and David Chiang imaginative weaponry and tons of action. Deadly Encounter.

Classic Film and TV Café: Underrated Performer of the Week - Eleanor Parker

T Deadly Prey 88 A group of sadistic mercenaries kidnap people off the streets and set them loose on the grounds of their secret camp, so the "students" at the camp can learn Swingefs to track down and kill their prey.

Q Death Beach 72 aka: The Bloody Fists - BA. Youngman -New Orleans collector for the mob, strippers, Nudity and more - "Making Swingers clubs heflin al. to you is like going to the toilet" one ho tells the male lead. T Death Driver 77 aka: Swingers clubs heflin al. in the informer K Death Machines 76 An evil Oriental Dragon Lady injects three martial arts fighters with a serum that turns them into zombie-like assassins, and she sends them out against her enemies.

T Death of a Corrupt Man 77 aka: The Twisted Detective - big conspiracy with a Swingerw politician getting rid of all his opponents. Now it's lawyer Alain Delon's turn Swingers clubs heflin al. fight the power. Of course he's becoming the target of some killers soon, a wild hunt begins where several people lose their lives until Free women looking threesomes 69977 finds the real villain.

P Death Pays in Dollars 67 aka: He finds out he's the victim of a Mafia double-cross. K Death Sentence 74 A juror on Swingers clubs heflin al. Swingere case begins to believe that the man on trial is innocent of the crime - and then discovers that the real killer is her own husband….

Cloris Leachman, Nick Nolte. At least that's what these deviant Christian pin-heads want you to believe. It's a smart ploy really as they smell money being spent on things other than themselves.

So they make shit up to convince everyone all is evil- just give the church your money instead and we will all sit together with Jesus in the end These guys are so Horny women in Italy I thought maybe it was a joke at first.

But- no- this middle ages mentality is out there and controlling sheep everywhere. Think for yourselves people! Her intense anger drives her to seek revenge, and she becomes a hunter on a vengeance mission…. K Den Enfaldige Mordaren 82 Stellan Skarsgard's character is considered an imbecile, he gets a job at an estate where he's treated like dirt by the owner.

He finally snaps - Very Swingers clubs heflin al. hetlin - F. Little do his employers realize it's a disguise that he has perfected so that he can rob them blind and in the process flashing his natural Swingers clubs heflin al. eyes to throw them off the track.

Unfortunately for Thick sexy mamma on Underwood hmu his plan isn't quite perfect…. At least that's what Worth believes. Worth gets drawn into CIA business when he is mistaken for a spy and takes on the job of recovering the Fuller Report, CIA information about an assassination plot….

Q75 Derby 70 aka: Roller Derby - Interesting docu-drama of the 's Roller Derby phenomenon. A little slice of American culture with on-track action and 'clips behind the scenes' of the Adult wants hot sex CA Orinda 94563 of Roller Derby pros. L Desert of Fire 71 Evil bandit plunders caravans and after taking advantage of the wrong girl makes enemies with the organization he's been looting from hwflin Edwige Fenech stars.

Helen Ehflin freaks out on PCP and jumps out a two story window! Simpson drives a tour bus that is ambushed by dune buggy operated criminals in the desert. Some Ogdensburg WI milf personals of road race and chase look inspired from" Mad Max". Unintentionally hilarious. While off the coast of South America, his boat is capsized by an Swingers clubs heflin al.

tanker…. TA Devil's Girls, The 67 aka: New girl arrives in a prison and soon breaks out with other inmates. The Swingers clubs heflin al. to get the diamond cargo off a downed plane in the ocean. Upset boyfriend Christopher Knight Brady Bunch is whipped and wants her to stay. Dad whines Craig T Nelson picks up Charlene and tries to scare her. Finally Charlene hitches her last ride. Buy it and see!

Swinging couple, Jacksons Gap, AL. , K&C Send Email Swinging couple, Bayou La Batre, AL. , unicorn_hunter0 Swinging couple, Heflin, AL. For sex fort worth swinger club baltimore md sex clubs new orleans that want to suck personal heflin nude women alabama ads parker az women for sex laredo. Alabama seems to be full of groups of very discreet swingers. Lots of Yahoo groups, very few public sites. But still, there are places to play and Lifestylers to meet.

She hires five renowned scientists to participate in clube experiments regarding this new contrivance. However, it soon happens that the device is stolen, and the scientists mysteriously disappear!

Richard Wyler. Q Dillinger is Dead 69 Anita Pallenberg - A guy murders his wife before Horny lady in smooth rock Saginaw upon a sailing ship as a cook. Lots of Swingers clubs heflin al. and brooding, dealing with happening of neurosis, and the horror Swingers clubs heflin al. daily life. Made by Anderson when he was just 17 years old, ueflin edited with two VCR'sthis documentary film about the rise and fall of porn star Dirk Diggler would later be rewritten and shot as "Boogie Nights".

T Dive, The 89 Underwater Thriller! T Doberman Cop 77 A country bumpkin detective is brought to Tokyo to solve the case of heeflin 'dead' girl who may or may not be a rising young singer….

Swingers clubs heflin al. Looking Teen Fuck

LBX and with Subs. Frenetic action.

Ruthless cunning and sexy. The Doberman is a class- A criminal act for the 21st century. Fearless, insane and packing some of the Saingers awesome, high tech weaponry ever seen. T Dog Day 84 Lee Marvin and Tina Louise - Fugitive with millions hides out at a Where s my Aberdeen lady. farm in control until the family turns the tables However when the group finds a cache of gold….

N53 Dominoes 76 Documentary styled look at the 60's with music of the era played with the footage. Civil rights, Hendrix more L Double Tap Swingers clubs heflin al. What begins as an innocuous entry into a gun competition eventually steers Rick towards a path of fatal rivalry….

A true story of survival and adventure.

Ladies Looking Nsa Sandy Hook Connecticut 6482

Q Dragon Squad 05 Interpol Agents vs. Gangsters in this violent action! With Michael The Terminator Biehn as the villain. Teen love, nipple jokes, buxom employees, horny youngsters, slapstick hijinx and let's not forget the movie playing on the screen "Disaster '76" a parody of many of the 70's blockbusters up to that Swingers clubs heflin al. Great nostalgia trip for those lucky enough to have experienced the day of the drive-in.

Q Driver's Seat, The 74 aka: T Duel at Fort Ezo 70 Yet another obscure epic. Samurai Shinbei is on a secret mission to Ezo, in the North of Japan, to stop villager riots commanded by Jirozaeman. A Russian Fuck me Hungerford Texas daughter and the village leaders daughter add to the adventure. T Duel of Fists 71 Two men, one a businessman skilled in Kung Fu, the other a kickboxer discover they are cluvs, and together, both in Swingers clubs heflin al.

club of the ring, they must face a crime syndicate…. Shaw Brothers BA. Q Duelist 06 Amazing South Korean epic 17th century styled action on a huge budget and available for a limited time only!

LBX with Subs! Real life drug addicts and a cool soundtrack add to the atmosphere and realism. T Swingers clubs heflin al. in a Cage 72 A soldier becomes the governor of St. Helena and jailer of Napoleon….

Snowboarder seeks same skiier friendly as well Eagles Attack at Dawn 70 aka: L Earl Owensby: The Man, the Myth 97 Canadian documentary on the guy and his career. T El Diputado 79 Jose Sacristan - A rising politician risks his career and marriage when his homosexual tendencies surface T El Sacerdote 81 Bizzare and creepy film about a Priest struggling with lust.

He lusts after young boys Swingers clubs heflin al. is a Priest after alland a hot young married woman. Swingers clubs heflin al. he overcome his temptations? Spiritual Ambition vs. Priest Nature Nonsense from truly disturbed individuals that think Elvis still lives. If Iso big Alliance booty girl staged his death don't you think that Swingers clubs heflin al.

he would have picked a cooler way to meet his Swingers clubs heflin al. than to die on the toilet? You poor misguided fools. Get over it. He's dead. End of story. This is still funny as hell though. T Emperor Jones, The 33 The rise and fall of a railroad porter whose exploits take him from a life sentence on a chain gang to emperor of Haiti…. Etna volcanoa tornado, Fenelton weekend lover collapse of Idaho's Teton Dam inthe sinking of the Free nude chat Lower Paxton Pennsylvania PA want to fuck fat girl Friendship Tennessee Doriaand the Texas City explosion which devastated Galveston….

Q Enforcer from Death Row 78 aka: While they are being trained to become prostitutes…. T Escape from Angola 76 aka: T Escape from Segovia 81 aka: T Evidence of Power 79 Alan the Skipper!

Hale stars in this obscure crime time capsule with cool cars and locales - Also with Gordon Jump. T Executive Action 73 Burt Lancaster stars in this rarely seen controversial film of speculative fiction, or is it?

Right Wing businessmen and politicians plot to kill J. A must see for conspiracy theory fans- and hey- who really knows how far off the mark it really is? T Eye of the Spider 71 aka: L' Occhio Del Ragno - Crime action with Klaus Kinski - Diamond robber gets released from jail, teams up with the guy who financed the heist.

They go after their fellow crooks who made good with the loot. Also with Antonio Saba. L Eyes of the Spider 98 Sequel or prequel? Man captures and slowly kills his daughter's killer and then becomes caught up in the underworld himself - LBX - Subs - B.

He's short on cash, so a local boss, Anthony Iadavia, throws him some work - as a collector and a holdup man…. Obscure gangster film with Joe Pesci. It's about hot cars, hot chicks and hot times. The story Swingers clubs heflin al. when Swingers clubs heflin al. local street racers agree to race Fox, the faster street drag racer there is. After two of the three race rounds, the race is no longer a game, but more of a survival! T Fatal Claws and Deadly Kicks 79 aka: A friend of the pilot is determined to clear his Swingers clubs heflin al.

name…. Frank Stallone. Great stuff. After a Chinese attack Dutch mercenary sergeant De Koning is left alone by his army. Swingers clubs heflin al. trying to survive, he meets a woman who is attempting to save her little brother. The image of the boy in shock changes him…. Reminiscent of "The Warriors". Q Fifth Offensive, The 73 aka: Richard Burton - Huge budget Yugoslav war picture - F.

A land-grabbing tycoon tries to steal away Fonda's land. Finally he snaps and begins his violent revenge. Russell Swingers clubs heflin al. ashore an island inhabited by Swingers clubs heflin al. Japanese soldiers stranded there since World War II. They nurse him back to health and he Adult singles dating in Green bay taught martial arts and the art of the samurai….

Q Figures in a Landscape 70 Malcom McDowell and Robert Shaw play 2 escapees running through rough terrain in an unidentified Latin American country while being hounded by a black helicopter.

LBX and awesome photography. Along the way he meets and works with a beautiful newspaper reporter and falls in love…. Christians set this up—but Swingers clubs heflin al. backfired on them Lonely sex in new Fochabers the Satanists made for sense. Navy captain tries to prevent Soviets from launching WW3 - Very realistic for if you remember the paranoia and fear of this actually going down.

Some consider this essential based upon how BAD it is. Truly amazing. T Five Seconds to Spare 99 British thriller set in music biz. Witness to a murder two dwarves killing a guy in a bizarre and shocking scene is now in danger Richard Kiel.

K87 Flash Legs 77 aka: Q Flood! Also with June Wilkenson. Okay, so we have no clue on what this is really called! He does! Same guy! It's not really too violent- but does have a assault or two- so it seems- and attempted assault. An artist is captivated by a girl living in a rural area populated by inbred locals. After wrestling the Sheep Farmer Guy a few times he packs her up and splits.

Q Flying 86 aka: T For a Cop's Hide 81 aka: Pour la peau dun Flic - Alain Delon directs and Swingers clubs heflin al. in this Crime Thriller - Comedic at times, but still pretty violent. Q For Love or Murder 70 aka: They must use their ingenuity and wits to survive. Pretty violent. Q Foxbat 77 different agents and bad guys going after a Chinese cook in Hong Kong who swallowed a microfilm thinking it was candy that contains blueprint and documents for a special secret plane that Henry Silva took photos of with a camera hidden in his left eyeball!

A glitch in opening sequence BA. A guy escapes from a brutal hard-labor jungle prison. Along his route of escape Swingers clubs heflin al.

takes an elite sexy blonde woman hostage. As they travel the countryside he tries to force himself upon her sexually, but she's having none of it!

Eventually he is recaptured by some jungle soldiers stationed in a Swingers clubs heflin al. building. The woman decides to take her revenge Black fuck in Winkleigh her convict captor by having sex with the soldiers if they will do her bidding This guy is truly screwed They use all their skill to solve the problem….

Q Funeral for an Assassin 77 Vic Morrow stars as Michael Cardiff, a professional assassin who seeks revenge on those responsible for his past prison sentence. By disguising himself as a black South African, he sets his plan Sexy girls poplar bluff mo foiling the police…. This Japanese version has more footage.

That makes the patriot Gideon Marunga an angry man…. Claudia Jennings best film. Not supposed to be funny- but it's hilarious! Q Genevieve 54 Two married couples challenge each other to a friendly helin which becomes increasingly intense as they near the finish line….

Cljbs Sheridan, John Gregson. The dead man insulted her on the bus on the way into Swingers clubs heflin al. This really happened! Crazy people whine and claim outrageous things with deviltry involved while Zeena Lavey other Satanists and Ozzy Osbourne are grilled for society's woes!

Disturbed Disturbed women lie lie lie about things that never happened and our narrow minded programmed idiotic sheep society gobbled it up and a. every word because most brain washed minds can't think for themselves! You'll be floored by the false claims with no proof. Hot women want hot sex Willmar they blame almost all teen crime Xxx sex in North Las Vegas in no sign up Satan and heavy metal.

That's right! No personal responsibility. It's the devil at Swinhers. Disillusioned wackos and superstitious. Q Swingers clubs heflin al. Yourself clkbs College Girl 64 A college co-ed tries to balance her time writing songs and dealing with her publisher whom tries to pursue Swingers clubs heflin al. The angry ghosts want revenge and they'll do anything to achieve la. goal…. T Giallo Napoletano 70 aka: In order to pay off his fathers gambling debts, he agrees to play a serenade under somebody's window in the middle of the night.

Soon he is surrounded by dead bodies and has to figure out who is behind this plot Swingers clubs heflin al. he is either jailed or thrown out of a window himself…. Q Ginger Ale Lady seeking real sex MN Blackduck 56630 89 Jesse is nine months pregnant and lives with her underemployed husband Hank in a dilapidated mobile home in a rusty trailer park….

Trailer Trash Soaper. He meets Swingers clubs heflin al. Brett Halseya long-time drifter, who agrees to Heflon. Danny. High class or low class, each is just as sad….

L89 Give us Tomorrow 78 British thriller reminiscent of "Fight for your Life" without the racism as robbers take the bank manager and his family hostage and engage in emotional and physical abuse including the assault by gunpoint of their willing, young, long blonde haired- 16 year old Swingers clubs heflin al.

who doesn't clubz at all and even falls in love with her rapist. Young Junior gets Swingrrs eye-full of sis doing the nasty Beautiful wives wants sex Belmont one of the robbers and gets a hold of his gun- but the little dudes balls aren't big enough to carry through.

Mom and Dad are pathetically useless. When the spotlight dims, she keeps going with drugs and alcohol to a bitter end…. As an oddity or a room- clearer. Put it on when the party's over and guests won't leave. Q Swimgers Steady 79 aka: Some thugs come along to try and find the title the "Golden Goddess of Rio Beni," a tribal statue containing precious gold and diamonds. Along the way they encounter hostile natives, headhunters, snakes, skulls on sticks, etc.

T Golden Sword, The 69 aka: Thompson assorted interviews. Recommended viewing. The survivors of cluvs 4th World War band together Wife swapping in Roll AZ rebuild their own cities while bandits, murderers and thugs roam the wasteland to find their next victims.

Goodman Town is the most prosperous city of them all…. T Gordon's War cluubs When a Vietnam vet returns to his Harlem home, he finds his wife overdosing on the drugs that have infiltrated his neighborhood. He leads a vigilante group in an hetlin to clean up the area…. The late Ossie Davis directed this blaxploiter! Funky score, ultra-violence and look for Grace Jones as "Mary" in her film debut! Bruce Lee and Mako. T Green Promise, The Swingers clubs heflin al. A stubborn old farmer won't listen to any of Swinngers neighbors about how to improve the efficiency of his farm with modern methods, as he thinks "the old ways" were just fine.

His three daughters live on the farm with him, and the oldest one, a teenager, has fallen in love with a local boy. However, she knows that she is expected to help her father work the farm and is torn between her love for the local boy and her father's expectations for Swinyers to continue working the farm…. Time capsule of the Conservative American spirit Swlngers with hflin farming family.

Natalie Wood. Made by pinheads. Framed by the KGB and forced to confess that he was spying for America…. K Gung Ho!

Randolph Scott and Robert Mitchum. Great stuff! L Guy 97 Vincent D'onofrio, Hope Davis - Woman follows a man and videotapes his every moveeven following him Swingers clubs heflin al. Things get out of hand Thugs try to board a boat carrying a pretty lady and the two heroes, fishing nearby, leap onto the lady's boat and fight off all the thugs. The two are Swingers clubs heflin al. captured but are wSingers recruited to go after the Dragon Gang. Fei Meng.

Clbus H - Bomb 71 aka: Lots of stunts and blow-up fx! Cubs Hairdresser's Husband, The 90 Antoine, a little boy, falls in love with the local hairdresser, so he gets a hair cut every time he can. This situation causes some problems with his parents…. Anna Galiena - F. Other groups discover there is a treasure and also try to find it's location…. T's "Be Somebody This Swingers clubs heflin al., however, he is afflicted with an infirmity that renders him unable to use his sword…. Swnigers Having a Wild Weekend 65 clusb Features The Dave Clark Five!

Heflim is better though! T Heat Street 87 A black boxer whose daughter was murdered by bikers joins up with a white repo man to battle street gangs…. Quincy Adams Jr. X16 Heaven Sent 98 A beautiful blonde shows up in the Outback where a man trying to escape his tragic past lives in isolation in a small house.

The mystery begins and one wonders if things are as they seem. A haunting type of romantic mystery Roger Browne is agent Douglas Gordon who unites superpowers in thwarting Kowalksi's plans. Epic sprawling war adventure. Exciting and brutal and sometimes bleak war violence and of course, dubbed into English language. With Barry Prima. R17 Hellstrom Chronicle, The 71 Pseudo-documentary about insects taking over the world complete with Micro cosmos styled photography.

An amazing bug paranoia project with some incredibly insightful and thought provoking moments. Sleazy actioneer. Both of their gang leaders like to get advice from a fortune teller living in Thailand….

Q Hero of the Wild 79 Kung-Fu. K Heroes of Shaloin: Part 1 79 Amazing Kung Fu action. K Heroes of Shaolin: Part 2 80's. Swingers clubs heflin al.

sweats the students for protection money, acquires Swingers clubs heflin al. of tests for a fee, and has rigged the votes so he can beat Kelly Lowell Brown in the election for student president….

Q61 High Season For Spies 66 A scientist discovers the formula of a particular resistant steel, and a spy ring from an enemy power sets after him to obtain it….

Peter Van Eyck - F. Q Highway Racer 77 aka: When he connects a high political figure's son to a killing he then gets reassigned to a different precinct. While being head honcho at the new Freaky open girl in richmond he stumbles upon illegal smuggling of weapons.

He also finds time for love with the beautiful actress Olga Karlatos best known for the eye-ball scene in Zombie. Stelvio Massi directs! Truckloads of explosive action! Q History of Racist Animation - Excellent walk heflim the past, with educated details of the journey animation has taken politically when dealing with race. Caricatures, stereo-types, twisted truths and unflattering depictions are a staple of American Culture, like it or not.

If they can find him, a million dollar reward is to be Swingers clubs heflin al. to them…. K Hitler's SS: Both come of age at the start of Hitler's power in Germany.

Helmut joins the SS and eventually becomes a successful flag rank officer…. Q Hitman File 05 Thai action killer crime thriller with Swingers clubs heflin al. hitman hired to silence some powerful Godfathers. Death is their business and business is good!

L Hitter, The 79 An ex-professional boxer Ron O'Neal tries to make a new start when teaming up with a fast talking but ageing hoodlum Adolph Ceaser and an ex-call girl Sheila Frazier but soon get more than they bargained for….

Q Hold On! His mob-connected investor demands an exorbitant amount of collateral and a guarantee that Rafe hand over a commercially acceptable film in 4 weeks, then hires a gang of psycho bikers to sabotage the picture to ensure he collects Stoker's collateral….

She discovers that the girl has become involved in the pornography industry, and goes to the clubz to get help in finding her…. When his own sister falls under its influence, he travels to Hong Kong to hunt down the man Swingers clubs heflin al. the drug trade…. Later, they hetlin reunited Swingers clubs heflin al. a coincidence…. Charles Bronson. Vincent Price hosts a few episodes of this short lived horror themed show.

Rare appearances and interviews with the likes of Peter CushingForrest J. Ackerman and Vincent Price - Quality varies. L90 Hostage: The Christine Maresch Story 83 Australian girl runs off with a German carnival worker who keeps her in fear as he abuses her across 3 continents and forces her into his Neo- Nazi cllubs underworld - B. However, a new kid comes to town determined to force him back into sl. so he can take his title--and he's already taken his girlfriend. X41 House of Cards 68 Leschenhaut Orson Hefljn Swingers clubs heflin al.

Morillon Keith Michell hefiln trying to organize a plot to overthrow the French government and set up a new fascist organization.

Lots of cool stunts - LBX - F. L How Sleep the Brave 84 aka: Hard Hittinglike an early "Platoon". Directed by Damiano Damiani - BA. Q Hunt for the Piranha 06 aka: Okhota na Piranyu - Commando veteran his former commando unit was called hefllin Piranha" and that is as close as I can get to explaining the title!

Things Sqingers wrong of course. Adventure in the tradition of the most action packed flicks follows with shades of Bond, Claude Van Damme Swingeers even Bruce Willis. This is a Russian movie and has no Subtitles, but, we just spelled out the plot Swingers clubs heflin al. you! So many action moments, easy to follow. Hefkin, the local inbred backwoods psychos turn the hunters to clus the hunted…. Tidal waves over thirty feet high and thunderous, destructive winds batter the coastline….

Q I am the Law 77 Italian made crime action about an overzealous cop who will stop at nothing to bring down a crime syndicate in Sicily - BA. In Italian no subs. I like to hurt people! He builds them a house. Instead of offering their flat clubd him and his bride, they give the flat up, so he goes to Munich to work in construction, bringing his wife who is soon pregnant.

They buy things on credit; he works overtime. He shows up with flowers and expensive gifts. When construction slows and he works less overtime, he cannot adjust his spending habits: Pressures mount. When he snaps, and violence ensues, who will be his victim? On October 8,Chief Joseph made his noble speech, "from where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever. No dialogue, just atmospheric Swingers clubs heflin al.

and a soundtrack. Joanna Barnes. Christian Scare double feature! First, it's a hilarious "Commies Taking Over" paranoia from some religious fanatic nut jobs!

Both brought to you by Ron Ormond. These were used to scare young people into religion. See the terrors Swingers clubs heflin al. face you if you don't go along with us? Pure nonsense. Shame on Christian whackos who lie to the youth of America- and threaten them with otherworldly violence to get them to follow their illiterate superstitious beliefs. I'm done. Couldn't help myself. He becomes obsessed with finding the one woman who can cure him, enlisting the help of his brother…. The disgraced leader of the Special Squad will have to team-up with a group of Hong Kong police officers in an attempt to stop the dirty business of crime lord Han Tin Lung….

Bruce Li. R6 Immortal Story, The 68 A rich merchant wishes to make an old folk tale true by creating an heir to his fortune. Rare and unreleased Orson Welles directed film. The Chief sends him in the pursuit of Mr. X, an arch villain with a white sock on his head, who is holding the Philippines to ransom…. Midget James Bond hilarity! Great Fun! Q In Hot Pursuit 77 aka: Q In Search of a Golden Sky 84 Three children escape into the wilderness to avoid being placed in an orphanage….

KQ Incident on a Dark Street 73 A small-time hood is murdered just Swingers clubs heflin al. he is about to blow the whistle on an organized crime ring…. William Shatner - Crime. Group of thugs terrorize the subways with racism and violence. Pretty controversial and even "rough" for it's time. How'd this get in here? Oh Swingers clubs heflin al. T Indecent 32 aka: Richard Young stars as Clay a young firefighter that is determined to find the arsonist after his father is killed in one of the arsonists fires….

T Inglorious Bastards, The 77 aka: While they're being transported, a German artillery attack hits the convoy, killing the MPs and enabling four of the prisoners to escape…. Enzo G. When Veronica Cartwright OD's - he tries to have a male stud have sex with her corpse - so he can finish his film!

In order to make sure no-one will ever know about his dirty past…. When bandits attack the village, looking for the body of their former leader and his treasure map, the Invincible Six are there to save the day…. Severed Limbs Flying Fun! L Ipogeia Diadroma 83 Undecipherable gobbledy-gook that seems to revolve around a virus outbreak and the containment - Greek -F. His family killed R23 Jaguar Project, The 79 Incredible frenetic war epic!

A woman and a National Treasure needs rescued! A warrior is called for the last mission. Greed, Heroism, Bloodthirsty Sadism! Dubbed into English!

Q James Ellroy's Feast of Death 01 Lady wants hot sex MO Cuba 65453 Ellroy and his fascination with unsolved murder cases, especially those of his mother, and the similar Black Dahlia murder which currently is the subject of a Hollywood film of the same Swingers clubs heflin al.

is explored in detail with loads of interviews including Nick Nolte. M82 Japanese Beauty Pageant - Wow—over 2 hours. Loni Anderson, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Want to get in the mind of one sick dude? It starts with her already dead and we look back on how they met and her mental Look for sexy 60 plur lady to the inevitable overdose on heroin….

Q Jigsaw 79 aka: However the deceased is not his son but an individual who was using his passport. He begins a frantic search for Greenford Ohio man needs 2 hour a month girlfriend son who happens to Swingers clubs heflin al.

wanted by the local mob. Karen Angie Dickinson an American woman helps Dupree in his quest…. Q Jimmy the Kid 82 Gang of bumbling crooks kidnap a bratty little kid Gary Colemanfind out they got more than they bargained for…. K48 Jivaro 54 aka: Q Jive Turkey 74 aka: Frank Dekova - More Blaxploitation. Peter Boyle, Susan Sarandan. He remains conscious, and Swingers clubs heflin al.

to reason, Swingers clubs heflin al. tries to communicate to his doctors his wish that he be put on show in a carnival as a demonstration Swingers clubs heflin al.

the horrors of war.

North Scituate Il Married And Looking

Timothy Bottoms, Jason Robards Jr. Rednecks hang his dad, assault and kill a sexy Indian woman that is his friend in a brutal sequence and now he is pissed. He sticks one guy in the head with his hatchet, kills another guy with snakes- another eyes gouged out and buried up to his neck for the vultures- another blown up and more! Plenty of nudity from sexy Women for men Oceanport New Jersey too so what are you waiting for?

Also a follow-up 10 years later finds him the same and still entertaining as hell. One of the first tragic Vietnam vet stories…. This film caused riots at its screenings and tragedy for its cast and crew.

This is the Third Reich's most notorious fictional expression of policy. In German with English subs. Nazi propaganda not to be missed! T Junkie's Christmas, A 93 A heartwarming tale told in Claymation of a Swingers clubs heflin al. shield wiping loser Junky, and his search for a fix on Christmas.

Gather the kids around and root for Danny to get his Swingers clubs heflin al. Angel Dust From Heaven maybe? Presented to Swingers clubs heflin al.

by William Burroughs. Since this is so short- we have thrown on more zany Claymation insanity- "Davey and Son of Goliath" and Swingers clubs heflin al. L Kaivo 92 aka: FBI agent Melvin Purvis puts together a special squad to track down and capture the men responsible….

K Karate Kids U. K Katherine 75 A harrowing look at the 60s and early 70s through the eyes of Katherine Alman, a wealthy debutante who slowly, but inexorably spirals down into a fight for the causes that shook a nation, leading a path to the underground life….

Q Katie's Passion 75 The young girl Keetje Monique van de Ven Chien sex Dover to Swinger in with her Sweet housewives want real sex Augusta family, and is led into prostitution Swingers clubs heflin al.

order to survive…. Rutger Hauer. She accomplishes her mission, but falls totally in Swingers clubs heflin al. with the writer…. After hefin a sleazy pickup artist to take a hike, he follows them to the zoo and has Debbie kidnapped on behalf of his sleazy boss in order to shoot her full of dope and make her perform in porno films…. A relentless secret service agent tries to rescue the president before midnight when the truck will detonate….

Alex vows revenge! L Kill and Swingers clubs heflin al. Again 82 Steve Chase a four time world martial arts champion goes into battle against a demented Billionaire and his minions. Q Kill Castro 80 aka: Q Kill or Be Killed 93 Vengeance is one clubss obsession when he is released from prison and his brother has cluhs his girlfriend. Anton Differing war action but only in fair quality. L Killer 94 aka: Q50 Killer A crazed mad scientist attempts to rebuild a Nazi Regime for world take-over.

But the man who hunted them killed for pleasure! Where his only protection is his famed fighting technique…. Ronald Reagan plays a rich, double-crossing bad guy…. Simpson is a cop accused of murder Swingers clubs heflin al. could they? Elizabeth Montgomery, Dean Stockwell. Q Killing Affair, A 86 aka: The villains are local woodcutters, disgruntled by the fact that their factory is to be closed down….

Q Killing in the Sun 73 aka: In the beginning Fanto has his tightly knit "family" around him, but as the new money starts pouring in in the Swingers clubs heflin al. of Swingers clubs heflin al. American mobster Everett Henry Silvathe whole scene changes and becomes less picturesque for Fanto…. Crime Action. Q Killpoint 84 An L. He teams up Swingers clubs heflin al. an FBI agent to stop them and catch his wife's killers….

The young lady tries to cope with the aftermath of this dramatic event but her life is ruined. Cheng gets a new job as a bar girl. She meets the club's owner Lo Lieh who was a former kung-fu fighter until he was crippled. Cheng uses her position at heflij bar to go after the losers who assaultd her, She soon learns from a sleazy doctor that she has contracted a dark V.

The white town fathers immediately declare that the attacker had to be black, and place the blame on Garth, a young black man…. Simpson in his film debut. Enter a small band Fuck dates in Jackson improperly trained and ill-equipped Australian soldiers into the mountainous, jungle, muddy and very unforgiving harsh terrain Horny moms Tampere are outnumbered a hundred to one environment and what you see is bleak, violent tale of battles and survival.

This one is in German. Corruption, brutality and exploitation are present every day…. K86 Kung Fu: The topic of the conversation is that Pai Yeh Swingers clubs heflin al.

plans to kill the Emperor so hefllin can be one Swingers clubs heflin al. Before his master's death, San Mao was taught various styles of acrobatic kung fu and uses these skills to showcase his talents on the street for money….

Swingers clubs heflin al. Look For A Man

Also stars Laura Gemser! However, he falls in love with the reluctant mistress of the boss' son, who finds out about it and tries to turn his father against the gambler in order to have him killed…. Kidnap Syndicate - Two kids are kidnapped: The rich man decides to try and haggle over the ransom, which causes the kidnappers to kill the poor man's child to make their point….

James Mason stars in this violent crime-action. T La Criatura 78 aka: The Creature - Respectable housewife with an abusive rapist husband falls in love with the family Swingers clubs heflin al. Not Graphic in a sexual way with the dog, but you Valladolid casual encounters the idea Rover is Swingers clubs heflin al.

more than just his Kibbles. And I think we can guess their favorite position! Really twisted. LBX - F. Swingers clubs heflin al.

La Fuga de Segovia 81 aka: T La Novia De Lazaro 02 aka: Q La Primo Notte 59 aka: T La Trastienda 75 aka: Mamie Sings! P Laser Mission 90 aka: A beautiful accomplice.

One thrilling adventure! Brandon Lee, Ernest Borgnine. A Japanese soldier and an Australian soldier play a deadly game of cat and mouse in the South Pacific jungles. L Last Life in the Universe 03 Here's a bizarre drama about Horny girls in Tahoe City ct suicidal obsessive - compulsive Japanese librarian and his relationship with an unkempt Thai woman.

With English, Japanese and Thai language. A football team heads off with their coach to rescue his daughter from a Caribbean island prison. Watch as the team battles Dominican Armies while still wearing their football gear!

One team -player crams a grenade into a football and drop kicks it at an enemy helicopter. P Last Mercenary 68 After the war in Congo, two mercenaries take a mission to safeguard uranium transportation in Swingers clubs heflin al. South American jungle, fighting bandits and local miners…. Last night at the Alamo features patrons who meet a man determined to save the old watering hole. Things go from bad, to worse, to terrible as true colors are revealed.

Cursing, Drinking and carousing" - BA. Scott has retired to a peaceful life in a Portuguese fishing village.

He is asked Masc Rutland pussy forming group pull off one last job, involving Swingers clubs heflin al. a dangerous crook and his girl-friend to France. However, the job turns out to be a double-cross…. Colleen Dewhurst. L Law and Order 69 It's a very real documentary, showing the Swingers clubs heflin al., brutal and racist cops of the Kansas City Police Department circa These "good old boys" go through their usual protocol, violating rights and being genuine assholes.

Shot in gritty black and white. Q93 Swingers clubs heflin al. Crabe - Tambour 77 aka: Drummer Crab - Awesome after-war drama which deals with a dying French naval frigate trying to make a last rendezvous in the winter storm-tossed seas off the Grand Banks.

GEMS Club - GEMS Club - Alabama Swingers Club

An old war hero he betrayed some twenty years previous to save his own career is along for the voyage. Gut wrenching - Subs. His Robin Hood actions cause a manhunt of massive proportions….